Develop Wisconsin, a leading provider of business develop systems and services to communities across Wisconsin, and its partners are working to attract over $150 million for minority business development and expansion across Wisconsin. Damon Dorsey, President of Develop Wisconsin, says “Some minority businesses communities have been have not seen significant improve in the performance of business development and creation since the 1960s…this must change if Wisconsin is going to reach its full potential as a vibrant economic destination.”

The $150 million of investment may change over time as the ecosystem for developing minority and Black owned businesses expands and becomes more effective at growing businesses. Dorsey says the $150 million will include a wide range of equity and debt capital options, more intense business technical assistance, and more effective market and product development capacity.

Curtiss Harris, a Board member of Develop Wisconsin and one of Milwaukee’s most revered business development experts, believes that “Over the next ten years we should see Milwaukee’s Black business community be transformed into a much more robust and competitive community with the tools, resources and ecosystem to grow and create significant value for Wisconsin.”

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