Develop Wisconsin provides early-stage and existing businesses with technical assistance aimed at positioning businesses for long term success. Our Business Direct program primarily aims to 1) develop businesses to be “investment ready” or capable of attracting capital for business growth or expansion. Investment ready businesses have several common characteristics, including;

  • Capable Management Team: Having a capable management team is critical for success. Develop Wisconsin works to build management and business teams to ensure a business has the strategic and operational backbone to grow over the long-term.
  • Efficient Operations: Investors like to see a firm that leverages its operating efficiency to generate profits. Develop Wisconsin works with business owners to develop lean processes to maximize output and minimize cost. The net results is operating income that conveys a competitive business and an attractive investment option.
  • Continuously Improving Financial Performance: Well managed firms have continuously improving financial performance as they consistently deliver a decent return on investment and assets. Develop Wisconsin works with managers and owners to improve financial performance for the purpose of attracting more investment.
  • Well-developed, market-tested products: Investment ready firms have products that have been tested in the market. Investors are interested in the potential of a product to be competitive, sell at price points generates decent gross margins, and has long term potential for growth. Develop Wisconsin leverages its market knowledge to position products for long-term success.
  • Strongly positive customer perception: Investment Ready firms have strong brands. Develop Wisconsin works with its partners to develop brand develop strategies that not only attract more customers but also attract more investment.
  • A solid plan for growth and expansion: Investment ready firms have a plan for growth and expansion. Our Business Direct program provides the business expertise to develop a road map for growth and profitability.
  • A clear exit strategy: Investors like to see a business have an exit strategy. Whether the strategy is to hand the business down to the children or sale the firm at some point in the future, it gives investors an investment timeframe and a basis for how long they want to be invested in the business. Develop Wisconsin works with owners to define an exit strategy and communicate that strategy to investors.
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