Wisconsin is expected to received at least $80 million in State Small Business Credit Initiative funds over the next five years. The funds are intended to support small business growth in Wisconsin by making investments in small businesses. The SSBCI program has a target of investing a third of its funds into disadvantaged and minority owned businesses, or between $25 million to $30 million. Since 2020, Develop Wisconsin has encouraged the State of Wisconsin to ensure that SSBCI funds are allocated equitably. Damon Dorsey, President/CEO of Develop Wisconsin, says “It is critical that the State of Wisconsin invests SSBCI funds in disadvantaged and minority owned businesses…Black-owned firms were hit hardest during the pandemic and a time that they were still recovering from the Great Recession.” Dorsey says that Develop Wisconsin has been encouraging the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to include the Black business community in its proposal to the federal government.

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